Animal Crossing Google Chrome Extension Plays Soundtrack While You Browse, Changes Song Depending On Time Of Day

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 05, 2015 07:42 PM EDT

The music of Animal Crossing is peaceful, relaxing, and generally very good. It changes as you play depending on the time of day, and is soothing background to your daily village tasks.

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A new Google Chrome extension (spotted by Polygon) can transport you right back to your town, playing Kazumi Totaka's peaceful soundtrack through your browser. Created by NeoGAF user Andrex, the extension is available to install on Chrome right now.

Just like in the game, the extension adjusts the music depending on what time of day it is using your system's clock. It will even play music from K.K. Slider on Saturday night, mirroring the musician's appearances in players' towns on Saturdays. These will come around at 10 p.m.

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Additionally, you can choose which Animal Crossing soundtrack you'd like to hear. The games all have a general style and theme, but the tracks do vary across each title. One may be your favorite or evoke a certain nostalgia--you're free to choose whichever you'd like. The options are Animal Forest + Animal Crossing, Wild World + City Folk, New Leaf and New Leaf (Snowing). A similar project you may remember on YouTube inspired this project, but now you can take your tunes to any web page without keeping a video open.

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