Fill Out Your 'Heroes Of The Storm' Fantasy Brackets For Blizzard's First College Tournament, 'Heroes Of The Dorm' [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 08, 2015 01:08 PM EDT

After years apart, two of the most nerdiest things you can do in life - playing a MOBA and fantasy sports - have been reunited. Blizzard has announced a new fantasy bracket contest for non-combatants for their upcoming Heroes of the Storm college tournament, aptly named 'Heroes of the Dorm'.

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Nor do you have to feel like you're supporting a horribly exploitative system by filling one of these out. Yes, the kids are forsaking their education to play a video game, but at least these guys can get paid if they win. In fact, each member of the five-person team will have their entire college tuition paid for all four years.

I don't see the NCAA doling out victory checks to its players.

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The 64 teams have already been selected from colleges and universities across the country and it is up to you to select the brackets like you do during March madness: a series of random guesses, coin flips and allegiance or hatred for various schools.  Some students become so busy, so they decided to buy college essays online for better time management. Would you even know what makes a good Heroes of the Storm team? We can't talk about wingspan with these guys, so I guess...actions per minute or something? 

Nor is it just the meager earnings you'd get if you won a March Madness bracket (assuming the guy running it actually collected all the money, because your co-workers are all horrible scrooges). No, you get some sweet gear for picking the winners.

The top five predictions will receive:

Epic Gaming System for Heroes of the Storm (see below for details)
HyperX Cloud II Headset
SteelSeries Heroes of the Storm Mousepad
The top prediction will also score a cool $10,000!

That epic gaming system consists of some pretty amazing tech (and is awarded to the top four teams competing in the tournament):

Intel i7-4790K CPU
GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 Motherboard
GIGABYTE GTX 960 series Graphics Card
Intel 530 Series 180GB SSD
8GB (4×2) 2133 MHz DDR3 Memory
Rosewill Star Predator Case
Rosewill PSU: Arc 750

Sign up today. There are only like, a trillion different ways the bracket can shape out. Plus, the chances of Duke being the heavy favorite is small! If you get tired of Kentucky, UNC, Louisville, Michigan State and all those other schools constantly getting into the Final Four, now's the time to turn the tide and win won for the slightly antisocial!

Submit your bracket by April 10. The round of 64 begins this weekend on April, and the finals will be broadcast on ESPN on April 26.

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