PS Vita System Update 3.50 Reportedly Increased Free System Memory By 30 Percent

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 13, 2015 05:10 PM EDT

PS Vita fans will probably remember software update 3.50 from March, which added a few features to Sony's handheld such as 60fps Remote Play. What we didn't know until now was that it greatly increased the system's efficiency.

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A post on NeoGAF (via IGN) of an image from the Unite Tokyo 2015 event shows that update 3.50 apparently upped the Vita's free memory by 30 percent. This extra memory can be used with games, it seems, and represents a fairly large increase in power.

It's strange that Sony didn't announce this sooner as part of the initial update, as it's a pretty large increase to performance. That extra juice should be able to provide a good amount of processing power to run titles, not that the Vita is often pushed to its limits with the big AAA titles we see on consoles. Still, increased load times or higher visual fidelity could potentially be a result of this change.

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Update 3.50 released in late March, adding enlarged text and increased contrast options to the Remote Play at 60 frames. This improvement is arguably bigger than those features if it impacts games, so let's hope developers can make the most of it moving forward.

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