Mortal Kombat X Characters Rain, Sindel, And Baraka From Story Mode Made Playable By PC Modder

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 17, 2015 01:46 PM EDT

In case you didn't think Mortal Kombat X's pretty impressive roster was deep enough, a PC modder has made normally locked fighters playable.

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Modder XVermillion posted his accomplishment on Reddit (via Eurogamer), explaining that he modified PC files to make NPC characters Sindel, Baraka, and Rain playable. They appear in the game's story mode, but are not (usually) accessible by players. There is video of these characters in action below.

XVermilion replaced Shinnok's character model and moveset in the files with those of the NPC fighters, tricking the game into thinking the player is simply using Shinnok. That's simply the character he chose to replace (presumably, it could be done with any fighter), switching out Shinnok's assets for those of the other characters, whose data existed in the files because of their presence in story mode. Neat!

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Obviously, this will only be possible on the PC version of Mortal Kombat X. XVermilion leaves loose instructions for how he accomplished this in the Reddit thread, so check there for the files he moved if you'd like to try the swap yourself. Perhaps these characters will be made playable in future DLC (although that would be disheartening, as everything needed is clearly already in the game), but for now this is how they can be used in-game.

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