'Games Of Glory' Alpha Test Releases This Summer: A New MOBA Shooter Mashup

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 19, 2015 12:33 PM EDT

Another day, another MOBA announcement. Today's challenger, Games of Glory.

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Developer Lightbulb Crew has revealed that their former Kickstarter MOBA/shooter title, which received outside funding fairly early on its campaign, is coming to Steam as an Alpha playtest early this summer. Expect a definitive date to be made shortly.

"Games of Glory is such an exciting project because it will offer existing MOBA fans the action they love while opening the door for new players with its unique style and gameplay, while enhancing the social aspects of the gaming community," Co-founder of Lightbulb Crew, Anders Larsson, said. "We really don't think there is a term currently out there that truly encapsulates what Games of Glory is. The best thing I can think of is 'SHMOBA', because it has qualities of the popular MOBA genre while creating an innovative gameplay experience with its shooter mechanics."

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That innovation he speaks of is the "action, equipment, perks, and skill-based gameplay of popular Shooter titles." Additionally, there will be no more lane-pushing, long a standard of the genre. You get in, you get out and hopefully, the other guy gets hurt. Plus, unlike some of the easier entry MOBAs, there is no auto-attack to be found. Games of Glory depends entirely on the skills of both you and your team to claim victory. Hardcore fans of the genre should be pleased.

Due to the reportedly high toxicity of the genre, the best time to get into any of the MOBAs these days are during the alpha and beta times. Everybody's new, everybody's figuring out and do not expect other players to be at the top. It's really fun, flailing in the dark like that, coming up with the best strategies.

Games Of Glory will focus more on the narrative than other titles, and your victories will determine the outcome. Check out the world you'll be fighting in below and head over to the full site HERE for more details.

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