HCS Livestream: Watch The Final Rounds Of Iron Gaming Atlanta As The Top Remaining Halo Teams Compete for $25,000

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 19, 2015 12:23 PM EDT

The first in-person tournament event of the Halo Championship Series' second season began on Friday, and the final rounds for championship Sunday are now live.

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You can watch the matches between the top remaining teams at Iron Gaming Atlanta below, which feature the best players on the circuit. There are some powerhouse squads left competing for the lion's share of the $25,000 prize pool and pro seeding points.

Season 1 champions Evil Geniuses (Snipedown, Roy, Lunchbox, Lethul) are waiting to face Denial (Mikwen, Chig, APG, Heinz) in the winners bracket final--whoever wins will advance to the overall final and await their opponent from the losers bracket.

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If you need a rundown of the double elimination layout with the remaining teams, here's an explanation: the loser of that winners bracket series will drop into the losers bracket, where they will face whichever team can fight their way to the losers bracket final. Right now that could be any of Cloud9 (which just defeated Optic), CLG, or Winterfox. Those last two teams are facing eachother shortly, and the winner will play against Cloud9 (Pistola, Fearitself, VictoryX, Hysteria). Whoever wins that match will, in turn, face off against the loser of the Evil Geniuses and Denial series in the grand final.

The Winterfox (Naded, Randa, Ryanoob, Contra) and CLG (Ogre 2, Royal 2, Snakebite, Cloud) series is about to start, so tune in to the livestream below.

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