'World Of Tanks Blitz' Update 1.8 Adds New Daily Battle Missions & Support For Demo Accounts

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 24, 2015 08:00 AM EDT

Wargaming is pulling out all the stops this week. In addition to the Wargaming.net League Grand Finals for World of Tanks this Saturday and Sunday in Warsaw, Poland, they're also introducing a major new update to World of Tanks Blitz, their extremely wonderful mobile title.

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Update 1.8 adds the familiar Daily quests element that players of many, many titles in the modern era are familiar with. Known as Battle Missions, these daily events, "let players earn rewards like Premium Account, experience, free experience, crew experience, and credits. Each player gets a set of three missions of varying difficulty levels: simple and advanced. When completed, missions will be reset along with the XP multiplier for the next victory. If a player doesn't like a mission, they're able to skip one mission every 24 hours."

The missions themselves are further broken down into three separate requirements: solo, long term and platoon missions. Solo missions - the easiest by far, require you to complete a certain set of goals during one game; while longer term missions require achievements over several games. Platoon missions, on the other hand, can only be completed alongside a platoon with other players. So find some friends.

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Additionally, a "revamped tutorial will be available for those joining Blitz for the first time, featuring a battle tutorial and many useful hints. A new player will be introduced to the garage, complete a few basic battles, getting to grips with equipment and crew. After completion, full freedom of action will be unlocked. The tutorial is not mandatory and users may skip it if they choose."

Plus, if you're on the fence about Blitz - understandable, as it is a) very addictive and b) very large, thereby requiring you to either delete or not download other games, you can sign up for a Demo account, which grants you all the abilities and perks from a regular Wargaming.net account, without having to give away your information to the man.

You can download World of Tanks Blitz for iOS and Android today.

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