'This War Of Mine' Update 1.3 Adds Scenario Editor And Character Customization At Last [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 29, 2015 09:48 AM EDT

This War of Mine was one of last year's most memorable - and emotionally engaging - titles. The game eschewed the traditional glimpse at warfare from a soldier's perspective and instead put players in the shoes of the civilians whose homes and lives have been shattered. It is an impressive achievement from developer 11 bit studios, and they are not done yet with it.

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The latest update to This War of Mine, version 1.3, adds several fan requested new modes, locations and customization options. The update is currently available for PC only, but will be arriving on other platforms in the coming weeks.

Players can now explore, loot and take shelter in both the Gas Station, "one of the first places people looted while fleeing the city" and also the Old Town, once "one of the most cheerful places around", according to 11 bit studio producer Marcin Jefimow.

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But among the biggest addition is the new scenario editor, in which players can determine the starting location, your beginning characters, number of days, the harshness of the winter and more. The game was very random originally, with difficulty spiking all over the place depending on the scenario you were stuck with; now players can adjust the harshness of their gameplay a little more to their liking, allowing newcomers and vets alike a chance to play the way they want to.

In addition to choosing all the elements that go into a game, players can also choose - and customize - their survivors. You can determine their gender, their previous occupation (which will inform you of their skills) and you can even upload your own photo. As Jefimow states, you are the writer of your story.

So, what will your story be?

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