Clash Of Clans Update Preview: Clan Bookmarks Will Allow You To Literally Keep Tabs On Other Clans [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 29, 2015 11:23 AM EDT

Ahoy fellow Clashers. Supecell is gearing up for another huge update for its endlessly popular strategy Clash of Clans, and like dealers, they're teasing us little by little, because they know we can't live without it.

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Supecell mod Marika posted the teases on the official CoC forum site HERE. We were already aware that they were letting us change our village name, all the better to realign with our Clan sensibilities, I suspect. But it is nice to hear it officially, and with the always funny 'chef' instead of 'chief'.

The first new preview, however, is the Clan Bookmark ability. Were you bested by a particularly noteworthy clan? Did you find a long lost middle-school friend and wish to keep tabs on his group's activities? Now you can. The Clan Bookmark feature will allow you to keep track of up to 30 clans at once, their comings and goings and whatnot. It's a simple move that just makes things easier. Because let's face it, mashing letters onto an iPad or iPhone can be, at times, distressing and not always accurate. Now you have a one-stop index page for - literally - keeping tabs on other clans.

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In addition to checking in other clans, you can keep up with the latest changes of your own clan, too. "Clan chat now shows when Clan settings are changed, indicating who changed them." No more mysterious changes or fixes, signed by an anonymous user; now everyone is accountable for changing things up, all the better to foster clan chat and communication.

More sneaks, on the way!

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