'Star Wars' Day Sales: May The 4th Be With You As You Shop Video Game Deals & More On Steam, GOG

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 04, 2015 12:45 PM EDT

May the 4th be with you, always.

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Star Wars day is here as you likely know, with news and promotions sweeping across the internet. Gaming sales are certainly included, with both Steam and GOG running deals on a plethora of Star Wars titles.

GOG is offering a bundle that includes Star Wars games from a variety of genres, including several TIE Fighter and X-Wing games as well as Star Wars Rebellion and Galactic Battlegrounds Saga. This Star Wars Blaster Bundle would normally cost $61.93, but is discounted to $38.93.

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The Star Wars Saber Bundle might be of even more interest to fans, with some of the most beloved games in the franchise packaged together. Both Knights of the Old Republic games, Jedi Knight titles, Republic Commando, Battlefront II and several more are available for an incredible $22.44--the normal price of all these games together would be $97.90.

Steam is offering great deals as well, with the similarly priced Star Wars Collection offering a selection of titles with some crossover to the GOG Saber Bundle. In addition to the games found in both, this deal includes the Force Unleashed titles, and the whole package is $23. The games are individually discounted too, as are a few other bundles, so check out the offers.

For more gaming sales, the PlayStation Store and Xbox also offering discounted Star Wars titles. Speaking more generally, Amazon has a huge selection of Star Wars merchandise on sale, so just go on over and see if anything interests you. The Disney store (new owner of the Star Wars property, remember) has a 30 percent discount on select related products. Happy hunting!

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