'Life is Strange' Episode 3 Release Date: 'Chaos Theory' Hits Next Week, Sees Our Heroes Breaking Into A School

By Alex Riviello , Updated May 13, 2015 10:08 AM EDT

Square Enix has announced a release date of May 19 for the third episode of Life is Strange. Titled Chaos Theory, the episode sees Max and Chloe breaking into Blackwell Academy to see what happened to Rachel.

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Of course, that might not make sense to you if you haven't played the first two parts, but why would you jump into an episodic game in the third episode anyway? Your actions will all carry over from episode to episode, customizing your story.

"In this next installment of Life is Strange, Max and Chloe's investigation into Rachel Amber's disappearance lead them to break into Blackwell Academy after dark, to search for answers. Secrets will be uncovered and Max will find another use for her power."

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They will be breaking into the office of Principal Wells, but as to what they're looking for or what they will find is entirely unknown. What do you think?

Our intrepid reviewer Steve really enjoyed what he's played of the series so far, calling the first episode an "a refreshing change of pace", despite it ending as an actual cliffhanger. (Here's his review of that.) It will be interesting to see how the whole story first together when all five episodes have been released. Till next week!

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