'Battlefield 4' Spring Patch Details: Update Includes New Guns, Weapon Balancing, Gun Master Mode & More

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 18, 2015 05:38 PM EDT

A good amount of information has already been reported about Battlefield 4's future content plans, but now the developers have laid out the exact details.

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In a post on the Battlefield Blog, DICE outlines the updates that will be coming to the online shooter in the anticipated May patch. We recently heard about plans for maps and weapons, and DICE Producer David Sirland has confirmed that and more.

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The May patch, set to arrive at an unspecified date late this month on all platforms, will add more guns, an entire weapon rebalance, the return of the Gun Master mode, and some fixes. These are the guns, with only vague descriptions and non-specific names (the previous reports did mention a few, but DICE is not yet confirming them) right now:

New fan favorite Assault Rifle
Picked based on its unique burst gameplay and massive fan desirability

New Carbine
A unique bullpup carbine with built-in vertical grip

A unique PDW with built-in silencer

New Sidearm
Unique long range "sniper" sidearm using magnum rounds

Magazine fed LMG, which with the new weapons balance, plays in between a belt-fed LMG and an AR - your "run and gun" LMG.

DICE has touched every gun in the game with its balancing, altering the damage, falloff and suppression model for all guns. The graphic above demonstrates the new model for ideal fire. The details on the returning Gun Master mode can be found at the blog post, as can some specifics about PC netcode fixes.

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