'Destiny' Prison Of Elders Level 35 Run Video: Watch 3 Guardians Complete House Of Wolves' Biggest Challenge

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 20, 2015 12:24 PM EDT

Destiny's House of Wolves expansion went live yesterday, so a group of players has naturally already beaten its most difficult challenge.

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We posted a video of two successful runs through the Level 28 and Level 32 Prison of Elders arenas yesterday, showing off the new mode and its challenging enemy waves and boss battles. A trio of Guardians have become the first to take down the Level 35 arena, posting a video of the accomplishment (below) for the rest of us to take in.

I can attest that the Level 32 arena is quite tough on the boss rounds, but not nearly impossible once you learn the map and how the rounds unfold. They can take time, but a careful approach and good teamwork will get you through. The Level 35 arena is something else altogether, but the trio led by frequent Destiny high-achiever HM05 managed to defeat it with three Level 33 Guardians.

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The level disadvantage makes this all the more impressive, and the Fireteam works together well to defeat Skolas. The Fallen leader is the final enemy in House of Wolves' story missions, and appears in Prison of Elders as the most difficult boss. Enjoy watching their successful attempt below, which followed after plenty of trial and error.

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