Tera Revamps the Berserker Class, Adds a Dressing Room

By Jonathan Benito , Updated Jul 13, 2015 07:07 PM EDT

Last July 7, Tera made some major changes to its Berserker class and added a dressing room function that lets you try on every cosmetic item available to your class and race. For a while now, Berserkers have been known to tank only themselves and this new overhaul to their skills gave them license to be upfront taking all the damage.

By using the Intimidation skill, Berserkers can alter the way their current skills work, increase aggro and reduce critical hits. Along with this new skill, the class also received the four additional skills that will be made available during the main quests:

  • Evasive Roll - (available while intimidation is active)
  • Axe Counter - reduces damage taken while attacking; increases knockdown resistance (available while intimidation is active)
  • Overwhelm - rush attack that knocks down the opponent
  • Punishing Strike - a follow up attack that decreases target's endurance (available while intimidation is active)

Along with the new skills, Tera has also released the much-awaited Tier 7 gear. You can get the Schisma PvE gear in one of the new dungeons on hard mode or by crafting. The Lucid PvE gear recipes will be made available through "The Secret Master" quest and the Tensus PvE gear recipes will be made available through the Killing Spree NPC.

The new update also adds new 5-player dungeons for level 65 characters: Vault of Kaprima, Timescape, Akeron's Inferno. The new Gridiron PvP battleground is also added. It's basically a Deathmatch set for two opposing teams. The object of this scenario is to get as many kills during the 10-minute round. First team to kill 70 wins the game.

The new dressing room option, available in your main menu, allows you to preview wearable items from the Tera store. Apart from the costumes, headgear and cosmetic equipment, you can also preview mounts and allow you to purchase all of your previewed items if you have enough credits.  

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