Sony Denies $800 Pricetag on PlayStation VR

By Arnel Ollete , Updated Jan 12, 2016 05:33 PM EST

During the course of the weekend, it was announced that the PlayStation VR headset will cost $800. This discovery was spotted by Forbes as a result of an Amazon price listing for the device. The PlayStation VR headset was listed at $800! Wow! That's more than the price of two PlayStation 4s!

Sony was a bit shocked with the news. So they decided to clear things out with Forbes. They claimed that they haven't set a price for the PlayStation VR yet while saying that the price listing on Amazon was just an error. It would be a crucial factor in their sales, mainly because the Oculus Rift a few days prior had announced its $599 price tag. Not only that, you don't need a gaming rig to run it. This makes the Oculus Rift a huge competitor, considering it's cheaper and practically does the same thing.

Hypothetically, if the PlayStation VR were priced at $800 this means that you're actually looking at around $1,600 to get it all up and running. This is because you also need a PS4 to run the game. Even so, these headsets are expected to be a bit pricey. It is new generation stuff after all. While the PlayStation VR won't really cost $800, a price in the $600 range isn't really a long shot.

One thing is for sure, the PlayStation VR is still a few months away before its release. Sony isn't really firm on its pricing yet. Even if a price were confirmed by Sony, you can bet that very few people know about it and it's not something Sony would easily disclose to retail partners like Amazon. 

Unfortunately, this also means that we are still practically clueless with the price of the device. SuperData, however, estimated that the PlayStation VR might be priced between $400-600. But that alone is not an assurance. The fact is, the device will not be priced at $800, and we are hoping the actual price is nowhere close either.

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