Rainbow Six Siege's Update 1.2 now Live, Improved Server Tick Rate Assured

By Arnel Ollete , Updated Jan 13, 2016 09:09 PM EST

Rainbow Six Siege's update went live earlier than expected and the update started rolling out on PC this January 13. Playstation 4 and Xbox One will receive the update on January 20 and is an estimated 775MB. The update included a series of improvements to the game's matchmaking. The update made sure that players are evenly matched with similarly skilled players and reduced ping issues by connecting players with those of the same data centre.

Ubisoft addressed the top issues not only that, update 1.2 also penalize cheaters with a permanent ban! Yes you will be banned permanently! Apparently the game is not very tolerant of cheaters.

"Effective immediately, any cheating detected by the system will lead to a permanent ban, with no more three-day suspensions for first-time offenders. The developers are also trying a new method of dealing with defending players who try to wander outside during a match's preparation stage: they'll suffer instant death. The method will be tested on Xbox One tomorrow, and will spread to other platforms later that day if effective." Ubisoft said firmly.

The PC version has been optimized to let players pick a data centre they'd like to join, and implement the improved 60Hz server tick rate to all PC players. This update doubled the rate to recognize the player's position. For now it is only in PC, however, Ubisoft says that the improved tick rate and data centre will come to console soon enough. It might take a while though.

Another issue resolved by the patch is the bug on Kanal that apparently allowed Defenders to exit the building before the preparation phase, an incomplete fix of the 'smoke background', a freezing load screen, and some improvements on the accuracy of the wait time for matchmaking.

This update also syncs the Ranked HUD with the same quality as those of Casual games. On February 2, PS4, Xbox One, and PC will implement update 2.0 which will be cover a bigger scale of improvements. Update 2.0 signals the start of Season 1.

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