‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers, News & Updates: Episode 35 Cancelled; Epic Battle in Nameless Planet Revealed

By Aliza Arellano , Updated Mar 26, 2016 01:20 PM EDT

"Dragon Ball Super" episode spoilers revealed of the upcoming epic battle set to occur in the Nameless Planet between Vegeta and Frost. Furthermore, recent news and updates are not boding well for the fans and followers of this manga series, owing to the cancellation of episode 35 that was set to air last March 13, 2016.

The latest updates regarding series have brought forth much scrutiny from the fans and followers, since the airing date for the episode 35 has already been affirmed. In line with that, its cancellation was not gladly accepted at all.

Given how teasers showcased the imminent battle between Vegeta and Frost, the enthusiasts' excitements are skyrocketing. Teasers have also showed that Vegeta called upon himself to take the center stage and stand up against the villainous Frost and the looming threat on the horizon, as noted by Design & Trend

Looking back, it appeared that victory was at hand for Goku and Piccolo but the tide shifted to Frost' favor. It is highlighted that Frost had been using poison to win the battle. Due to the poisons, he was able to defeat Piccolo and gain the upper hand.

Moreover, since the poison was unknown to Vegeta's friends, it was unveiled in the trailer that Frost releases the poison through his thumb, and now that very same toxin is threatening Vegeta's victory as well.

On a different note, another character that has brought forth much excitement was the appearance of Hit. For the uninitiated, Hit is a stoic universe six team member. In the trailer released on YouTube, it was depicted that Hit will enter the battle by placing himself in the middle. It remains uncertain why Hit made that move.

Moreover, with Hit's presence on the battlefront, many fans are bewildered on how the story would unfold and on how Vegeta would cope with the hurdles of winning over Frost. More report from Christian Today showcased how episode 35, titled "Turn Anger Into Power! Vegeta's All-Out Battle!" would bring about a new storyline for the series. In this episode, Vegeta is laying all the cards and aims on avenging his friends.

Despite the juicy trailer that was released, the precise date for the airing of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 35 remains unknown even today.

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