‘Battlefield 5’ Release Date, News & Update: EA Games To Launch Game This 2016? Players Expect Game To Be Set In World War 1 Era

By Jaja Agpalo , Updated Mar 29, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Several fans have been waiting for the release of the "Battlefield 5" but, up until now, details about the much-anticipated game has remained scarce. Now, new reports claimed that it is highly possible for "Battlefield 5" to be set in World War 1.

Parent Herald reported that "Battlefield 5" will definitely be in World War 1 setting. The speculations came shortly after a certain Liam Robertson posted via Twitter a listing of the upcoming games indicated in the World of Games website.

At first, it was indicated on the post that "Battlefield 5" is a shooting game that is set during the World War 1. Fans got confused when it was later removed, which suggest that it could have spilled so much information about the upcoming "Battlefield 5" or it is just a mere error, Ecumenical News shared.

While some think that this could be just another rumor to keep the hype for the forthcoming game, several gamers think that this is highly possible since this is not the first time that "Battlefield 5" is reported to be set in the World War 1 era. As a matter of fact, IMDb has listed "Battlefield 5" with a working title "Battlefield 5: Armageddon" in December 2015.

The entertainment website wrote a short description about "Battlefield 5" saying that it is about a soldier who fighting for Japan. The details about the forthcoming "Battlefield 5" was later taken down.

As for its release date, "Battlefield 5" is reported to be arriving this 2016. EA Games previously announced that it is positive that it could deliver the much-anticipated "Battlefield 5" game to the excited fans.

However, up to now, no exact date for its release has been made public yet. But, with the upcoming release of the new "Battlefield 4" DLC pack on its first anniversary, fans are hopeful that the waiting for "Battlefield 5" will finally soon be over.

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