‘Ratchet And Plank’ PS4 Makes History; Movie Adaptation Gets Mixed Reviews

By Staff Reporter , Updated May 02, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

The video game "Ratchet and Plank" is making history on Playstation 4 after the game is selling like hotcakes. Meanwhile, the movie adaptation is getting mixed reviews from critics.

"Ratchet and Plank" was released on April 12 and was received with positive reviews from gamers and game websites. Video Game Sales Wikia reported that the game shipped out 3.2 million units, but there's no coverage point to make an approximation and comparison.

Meanwhile, the movie adaptation of "Ratchet and Plank" is getting mixed reviews as critics praised and reviled the film for staying true to the video game, albeit none of the over-the-top silliness. Famed critic Roger Ebert pointed out that the film wanted to ratchet up (pun intended) the fun and humor, but fell flat on its face.

He said that the overall goal was praiseworthy because, just like the video game, it's main aim was to have fun. Even the often ridiculous scenarios like when a planet gets destroyed, for example. But the jokes often were hit and miss. And when the jokes end, the movie has nothing to hang on to.

Marty Sliva of IGN praised the voice acting of the actors involved in the animated movie, however, the lack of a main villain proved to be significant. However, it's not as bad a movie when compared to the other video game adaptations that have come out in recent years, he added.

However, the film failed to live up to the expectations of the fans of the video game, particularly with the release of Pixar gems like "Zootopia." That means the "Ratchet and Plank" may appeal more to younger children who will surely be amused by the animation and the gags.


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