'Homefront: The Revolution' Launches Anew: Scoop On Improved Features and Plot Released; Who Is Developing The Game Now?

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 18, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Rivalry between the United States and North Korea is taken to new heights in a new video game. "Homefront: The Revolution" launched recently and targeted a variety of gaming platforms including PCs and consoles. Springing from a less than impressive game precedent, gamers can now expect the open world gaming to be quite the unique experience.

According to Tech2, "Homefront: The Revolution" is based on an alternative future of a North Korean occupation of the United States specifically Philadelphia. Coming from a Middle East warfare, NoKor tech company Apex assisted in the US military operation and leaving the country indebted to their Asian "ally". As expected, a special "Homefront: The Revolution" resistance group will rise and work against the current system in spite of the Korean People's Army (KPA) surveillance.

"Homefront: The Revolution" appears to fight back using the mix of Far Cry and Call of Duty in terms of appearance, Forbes reported. While the original game version was less than impressive, "Homefront: The Revolution" will still bank on the plot of an ordinary citizen recruited to the revolution. Somehow, he will realize his gunfighting and marksmanship potential in the midst of a much scarier nemesis, the KPA.

What "Homefront: The Revolution" lacks is a scare tactic to keep the adrenaline pumping in every gamer. Based on Philly report, the new installment must be able to fix that as the looming 2029 game is not too far fetched from happening. Paired with a cinematic approach, "Homefront: The Revolution" can eventually score a home run with this release.

"Homefront: The Revolution" incorporates a rather cinematic approach in a fresh US state and not much suspension of reality as it used local Philly landmarks and even a Trump-like leader of the state. According to Hasit Zata of Dambuster Studios, "Homefront: The Revolution reimagines an alternative history and foreseeable future when America is on its knees."

"Homefront: The Revolution" is taken under the wing of English game company, Dambuster Studios. The game is available in Steam, Playstation and Xbox. Players can look at 20 to 40 hours of gaming time to fully accomplish the mission.

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