'Moto G4' Is Arriving With Three Models: What To Expect From Lenovo's New Star Phone?; Spec And Features To Compete With Apple?

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 18, 2016 10:35 PM EDT

Lenovo is all out in making Motorola a household name. Sashaying into the spotlight is the brand new "Moto G4" line that is set to arrive in three different model variants. The "Moto G4", "Moto G4" Plus and "Moto G4" Play will be the trailblazers for the newly revived Motorola phones.

According to Mashable, the selling point of the three "Moto G4" smartphones is that it is cheaper without sacrificing quality. The "Moto G4" smartphones are rumored to be water resistant and will utilize its impeccable specifications operating in an Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow system. At par with the market standards, "Moto G4" phones will only differ in terms of battery life, storage, camera pixels, screen display and processing capabilities.

"Moto G4" Plus seems to be a top pick technology wise. Aside from its fingerprint recognition mechanism, "Moto G4" Plus is quite the auto-focus expert. On the lower end, "Moto G4" Play will be a lot smaller and will be slight rear-ended in specifications. Motorola" is also kicking it old school with an interchangeable back casing for "Moto G4" and "Moto G4" Plus.

"Moto G4" is making the top 10 smartphones chart, according to Slash Gear. Coveting the ninth spot, it also performs spectacularly in capturing pictures and videos especially in well lit area. Reviews claim that it can grind gears with smartphone brands such as Apple and Nexus.

Gaining instant popularity, the "Moto G4" by Lenovo is one for the books. In the Indian Express report, it is taking all the right turns as "Moto G4" appears slimmer and a breeze in terms of portability. While the water resistance is still questionable, it compensates with built-in apps such as Moto Voice and Moto Display, and quality turbocharging.

The "Moto G4" line is already out in countries like Brazil and India. However, the U.K. can expect it in June instead. While the price range for "Moto G4" and "Moto G4 Plus" is around 290 dollars, the "Moto G4 Play" price is yet to be announced.

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