'Valkyria Chronicles' To Get A Second Chance?: Trailer, Reviews And What The Remastered Version Will Offer Revealed

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 19, 2016 12:16 AM EDT

SEGA days are set to be relieved. A polished version of "Valkyria Chronicles" was set in motion for PS4. The remastered game premiered today in most of the Western regions. However, it was quick to backpedal on the access exclusivity by releasing a digital copy to be purchased in the Playstation Online store.

According to Otaku Study, "Valkyria Chronicles" is tagged with downloadable content and add-ons to make the gaming experience exciting. The story remains and will continuously tug at the reminiscent heart of gamers all over the world. "Valkyria Chronicles" is still a fight between the Autocratic East Europan Imperial (Empire) and the Atlantic Federation over the Ragnite treasure.

Lieutenant Welkin Gunther and the Squad 7 is still relied on as the guiding force for the citizens who wish to join the cause of surpassing the repressive Empire. Based on Stevivor review, this version of "Valkyria Chronicles" will not suffer the same fate of 2008. It remained to be a third person POV strategy game that is quite similar to Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.

"Valkyria Chronicles" is praised for its flexible map and leeway of spaces to move around. However, fans' reactions are still mixed on whether the bookish approach to storytelling is a feat or a downside. Welkin and Alicia will be the hero of the notably hard game but aesthetically pleasing design to come back for.

VG 24/7 reported that the launched "Valkyria Chronicles" trailer hyped up the remastered version even more. It seemed like the PS3 release snob almost did not happen as it thrived with highly defined game graphics and impressive fight system.

Squad 7 is expected to grow as players slowly catch on with "Valkyria Chronicles". Some fans and reviewers alike are also giving promo codes to get a discount on the newly-release PS4 games. Overall, "Valkyria Chronicles" is an irresistible game faced by the gaming community.

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