'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Rumors, News & Updates: Season 2 Might Never Come At All; Fans Tired Of The Mind Games And Delays?

By Stella Arellano , Updated May 26, 2016 06:49 AM EDT

"Attack On Titan" might be considered a great success on its first run but since the release date of "Attack On Titan" season 2 remains unverified, fans and followers have grown weary of the wait. Latest rumors, news and updates indicated that owing to the delays, season 2 might never come at all. All the more, fans and followers are by now tired of the mind games and delays.

Christian Times reports that the update regarding the release was still in 2015 and even now, there has not been any verified details regarding the next sequel. Although explanations were rendered for the delay, owing to the shortage of content, the apprehensions of the fans and followers of "Attack On Titan" season 2 is rising.

The demands are reasonable given the fact that the hiatus has reached its 2 years timeframe. The first sequel has sparked large followers resulting to the high call of bringing the series back on board. However, constant delays have baffled the fans and followers leading to more queries on how reliable the release dates really are.

For one, last April, of "Attack On Titan" season 2 was delayed to assist the team of creators and granting the developers more time to fortify the story arc. However, even today, no clear directives and credible timeframe have been given out.

On the other hand, Movie Pilot mentioned of new discoveries regarding the anime franchise. According to the report, the new release date has been slated to occur in January 2017. It was even affirmed by the manga's publisher, Kodansha.

On a different note, although there have been new developments regarding the release date, for the fans and followers of "Attack On Titan" season 2, the wait has been long and until there is a trailer that depicts its credible release date, apprehensions might be lessened a bit. For now, despite the confirmation, without full updates, the weariness of the enthusiasts are not yet satiated.

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