Capcom 'Street Fighter V' Developer Bans Team YP From Its Pro Tour

By Kathleen Nava , Updated May 25, 2016 11:34 AM EDT

Sad news to all the Team YP fans, the porn-sponsored team is reportedly not allowed to attend the Capcom Pro Tour 2016 events a month after ESL (Electronic Sports League) announced that they have banned Team YP from participating their Esports event. Although Team YP have made several attempts to get their hands around a safe solution to fix the issue, including the offer to rebrand their team but Capcom and ESL stood firm and their decision will stand.

Game Reactor revealed the latest ban of Team YP comes from "Stree Fighter V" developer, Capcom. The Japanese developer and publisher of video games followed ESL's footsteps and dropped Team YP out from their list of participants.

Esports Team YP banned over YouPorn sponsor?

Esports organizer ESL has banned Team YP last month. The controversial Team YP was given the boot because ESL wants to abide by the rules that their partners believe in and it includes a pornography-free event.

"Advertising pornography is not legal in the markets we operate in, and the vast majority of partners we're working with have strict 'no drugs, no alcohol, no pornography' rules that we've contractually taken on board," ESL said in a statement. "These aren't new rules but ones that have been in our rulebooks for a long time."

How did Team YP react to the ban?

ESL shared that they have spoken with the manager of Team YP earlier this year and in that conversation they explained the situation, the rules and details. Team YP responded on Twitter saying, "We are disappointed by @ESL's decision to ban our esports team. We will continue to strive towards professionalism and transparency."

According to Venture Beat, their disappointment was made even obvious when Team YP manager Claire Fisher opened up to GamesBeat regarding the ban. “I am disappointed that Team YP’s growth is being stunted by this decision, not to mention the effect that this will have on our roster of players.”

Unfortunately, this will cause Team YP to probably not be as remotely successful as they are now because they are now recognized by many. This becomes a big issue and troublesome For Team YP to actually be able to get back into that kind of league without being branded as the team who were banned in the event for having a porn sponsor.

“While for some, our participation in esports has been controversial, stopping our players from competing because they are sponsored by us, in spite of Team YP operating as a completely SFW [safe for work] brand, clearly separated from any adult content, seems unfair to say the least,” Fisher noted.

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