'Half-Life 3' Release Date Rumors, News & Update: Is The Rumored 2018 Release Too Optimistic?

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jun 07, 2016 10:25 AM EDT

"Half-Life" players are probably the most patient group of gamers around. And that is actually saying something because gamers are notorious for being very impatient, a few seconds of lag would probably send some quitting a game altogether. Yet, after 12 years of waiting, loyal players are still asking the perennial question, when is the "Half-Life 3" release date?

Yes, it has been a long wait for that highly anticipated yet so elusive "Half-Life 3." The last installment of the series, "Half-Life 2," was introduced way back in 2004. Lately, there were speculations that the upcoming "Half-Life 3" could feature a full VR game given Steam's connection with HTC Vive, a joint project between Valve and HTC. So what are the latest rumors making the rounds lately?

A False "Half-Life 3" Release Confirmation

Lately, fans were ecstatic to learn that Valve's big man himself, Gabe Newell, supposedly tweeted to confirm the "Half-Life 3" release, reports Parent Herald. It turns out it was just a poser who changed his name to spread the misleading rumors. Evidently, the one who made the tweet was well aware that fans of the game are desperate for a "Half-Life 3" release date.


What Really Is the Status of "Half-Life 3"

As usual, Valve has been consistently silent on that issue. But it seems that the window for a "Half-Life 3" release is slowly slipping by. Most of the original team who made the previous "Half-Life" games have already retired or opted out of the company. For instance, Marc Laidlaw, the chief writer for previous "Half-Life" games is no longer with Valve.

In addition, it doesn't help that Gabe Newell does not appear too eager for a "Half-Life 3" release. According to News Independent, Newell responded to a possible "Half-Life 3" release by saying, "The only reason we'd go back and do like a super classic kind of product is if a whole bunch of people just internally at Valve said they wanted to do it and a reasonable explanation for why."

Newell's statement does not really encourage one to be so hopeful that a "Half-Life 3" release date might be coming soon. But then again, he did not exactly deny that it would not. For those who dare to hope, the idea is not yet closed for that scenario.

But there are really those who are still optimistic for "Half Life 3" release. In fact, rumors and speculations are circulating that the "Half-Life 3" release date would happen sometime in 2018. Why that specific year? The reason is that 2018 would be the 20th anniversary when the first "Half Life" was introduced in 1998.

Hopefully, with the upcoming E3 event, some of the "Half-Life 3" rumors might be cleared up if someone from Valve would answer these questions. And if lucky enough, players might finally know for good if a "Half-Life 3" release date would actually arrive or not.

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