PS 4.5, AKA Playstation Neo, Confirmed: Release Date, Specs & Everything We Know So Far

By V Doctor , Updated Jun 13, 2016 10:55 AM EDT

The Playstation Neo or PS 4.5 has been confirmed. It features amped up specs and other new features.

Speculations have been circulating about the making of a new PS console called the PS 4.5 or Playstation Neo. Andrew House, a Sony executive, has confirmed such speculations by saying that they will not reveal the console just yet at E3 2016, Forbes reported. However, he said that the console has the amped-up capability to play 4K resolution videos and games. More so, the console is said to be supported by a majority of the already released games.

Playstation Neo's specifications feature a higher and faster clock speed than its predecessor PS4. It will also have an improved GPU. The PS 4.5 also dons a higher memory bandwidth, Giant Bomb said. However, sources say that the HDD for both variants will be the same, but it is not clear if this pertains to the HDD's connection speed or capacity. PS4 games will be released with two modes starting October 2016.

First is the "Base Mode" which plays with the current console. The other mode is the "NEO Mode" which runs on the upcoming PS 4.5.The PlayStation Neo will co-exist with the PS4. Games for Neo will be available at the same PS store. Players can also connect to their old online communities. Although game changes are expected on October, this does not mean that the console will be released on the same month. Gamers will have to watch out for updated information on when the console will be released.

Games that run in PlayStation Neo can utilize hardware upgrades, as well. They can get 512MB more from the allotted memory. This will guarantee stabilized and increased frame rate, resulting in increased visual fidelity especially when running on HDTVs at 1080p.Sony has been offering suggestions for developers on how to reach resolutions in 4K or UltraHD, but the company is also giving them the freedom on how to achieve it. However, the company is setting strict protocols on frame rate as the repeatedly reminded game developers that they should meet or even exceed PS4's original frame rate.

Looking back, the arrival of the PS4 after PS3 took about seven years. It is now a question for a lot of gamers why Sony is creating a new console just after three years the PS4 was released. Speculations say that other than the graphics, Sony wants its consoles to delve into offering its consumers that PS Virtual Reality experience.

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