Tripwire Interactive Announced 'Killing Floor 2' In VR At E3 2016; New Content Pack Can Be Experienced For Free!

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jun 16, 2016 02:15 AM EDT

Good news for the fans of virtual reality! Tripwire Interactive's John Gibson together with Oculus Rift's Anna Sweet announced that "Killing Floor 2" can be played in VR at Entertainment Electronic Expo 2016 during PC Gaming Show.

'Killing Floor 2' In VR

"Killing Floor 2" is the sequel to the original first-person shooter video game, "Killing Floor," in 2009.

The players of "Killing Floor 2" will once again face the Zeds using the soon-to-be-released Touch controllers of Oculus Rift, according to Toms Hardware.

The Oculus Rift device can help the gamers to point and shoot the "Killing Floor 2" zombies in virtual reality.

Tripwire released "Killing Floor 2" in four content packs since it launched in early access and recently revealed the fifth content pack.


'Killing Floor 2' Content Pack

PC Gamer reported that John Gibson gave a glimpse of the new "Killing Floor 2" content pack, called The Bulls-Eye.

"Killing Floor 2" The Bulls-Eye content pack includes a bigger Player vs Zed mode, the latest Sharpshooter bonus and the new character named Rae Higgins.

The players, too, can enjoy two specially-made maps from the winners of the Grindhouse mapping contest on "Killing Floor 2" The Bulls-Eye content pack.

"Killing Floor 2" The Bulls-Eye content pack is now available on Steam.

'Killing Floor 2' For Free

For those game aficionados who haven't purchased "Killing Floor 2" yet, they can experience it for free, as per The Verge.

The game enthusiasts can try "Killing Floor 2" for free starting on June 16, Thursday, until June 20, Monday.

"Killing Floor 2" can also be bought with a big discount over the free weekend. "Killing Floor 2" is set to be out this fall.

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