‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Latest Rumors, News & Updates: Square Enix Revealed Storyline For The Game?

By Luis Vincent Gochoco , Updated Jun 22, 2016 07:01 AM EDT

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 in Los Angeles, Japanese gaming giant Square Enix was present at the event. As much as it disappointed fans that any news regarding "Kingdom Hearts 3" was not announced by the company, still, the media was able to catch some juicy details about the game from one of the creators of "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Small talk turned out to be a hint on 'Kingdom Hearts 3'

"Kingdom Hearts 3" co-director Tai Yasue said in one of his interviews on how crucial it is to be able to understand and feel first hand the storyline and the gameplay for "Kingdom Hearts 2.8." In "Kingdom Hearts 2.8," gamers will be able to use Aqua, a keyblade master which you'd use in the most part of the game.

Tai Yasue also interpreted that by playing "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" and playing as Aqua, gamers will be able to have a different understanding by the time they start to play "Kingdom Hearts 3."

"You experience her sorrow and torment," Tai Yasue said of "Kingdom Hearts 3." And she's a Keyblade Master, and her destiny is really intertwined with Sora's in Kingdom Hearts 3, so learning about her adventure, and her pain, really gives meaning to when you start Kingdom Hearts 3."

Is 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' delaying 'Kingdom Hearts 3?'

Ya Sue mentioned in Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 that "Kingdom Hearts 3" is not delayed at all and technically is still on schedule. He even stated that they are developing the games at the same time and is just following the orders of the game.

The reason also to why they are so secretive with the details for "Kingdom Hearts 3" is that they want to focus their attention for now to "Kingdom Hearts 2.8." He continued by saying that "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" is set to release this coming December.

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