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By Kathleen Nava , Updated Jun 23, 2016 02:39 AM EDT

Two years after the events of "Bravely Default," Kaiser Oblivion and his fairy companion, Anne, have kidnapped Agnes Oblige, the new leader of the Crystal Orthodoxy in "Bravely Second: End Layer."

It's up to Yew, Edea, Magnolia, and Tiz to save Agnes and the land of Luxandarc from "Bravely Second: End Layer" evil forces.

'Bravely Second: End Layer' female villain is a tough cookie

Defeat Bella with these "Bravely Second: End Layer" top tricks:

When Bella uses her Wall Spell in "Bravely Second: End Layer," which produces a fiery shield, keep your distance because getting too close to it will deplete your HP.

Remain in defensive stance instead while battling Bella in "Bravely Second: End Layer" for it saves you Battle Points.

Wait after three turns when Bella's Wall finally goes down in "Bravely Second: End Layer" before you unleash all your Battle Points and attack four time in a row.

Just repeat these tricks and you will definitely win against Bella and her Wall Spell in "Bravely Second: End Layer."

'Bravely Second: End Layer' job classes

Here are some of the new job classes in "Bravely Second: End Layer" that you can take in the game. Apple Now!

"Bravely Second: End Layer" Astrologian
The answer is in the stars. Use Astral Magic to cast defensive buffs and improve your party's overall battle statistics.

"Bravely Second: End Layer" Catmancer
This job will show you how to mimic the abilities of your enemies.

"Bravely Second: End Layer" Fencer
Learn how to boost your attack or defense levels by changing your fighting stance.

"Bravely Second: End Layer" Patissier
Master the technique of using deadly dessert attacks. Bon Appetit!

"Bravely Second: End Layer" Wizard
Beat your opponent by using spells that can deal epic elemental damage to all types of enemies.

"Bravely Second: End Layer" fast fact: Using the Konami Code in "Bravely Default" unlocks a secret trailer for "Bravely Second: End Layer."

You can play "Bravely Second: End Layer" on Nintendo 3DS.

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