'Street Fighter 5' June Update Promises Better Quality, Faster Online Matchmaking

By V Doctor , Updated Jun 25, 2016 01:27 AM EDT

"Street Fighter 5" will be getting an update this month. Creator Capcom promises improved gameplay in the new version.

Capcom posted in its developer blog that its server team has been concentrating and working hard on achieving improvements on the game's online experience. In general, there are four aspects of the game that the update will be changing.

First, there will be improvements on the matchmaking ability. Players will have improved preferences in selecting players to fight with. When the game was launched, there have been consistent problems on this aspect of the game. Some users report inability to make matches. The preferences include connection quality settings, hardware preference settings and ability to match with others located far from the player's league point range. Now, the issues with these preferences have been resolved.

Another improvement will involve the speed when a player uses the matchmaking mode. There were reported cases that player league points were not synchronizing correctly. This resulted to having slow waiting time to get matches. Now, Capcom has resolved the issue and users will be able to observe a faster pace in getting a match.

Users can also expect to have smarter matchmaking results. The developers worked on the game's logic in terms of matching league points. Hence, gamers will be paired with other players who have similar skill sets majority of the time. This will lead to fairer game play and unbiased pairing. Moreover, game play will become more challenging since players will not have opponents that are too low or high skilled for their character.

Additional improvements were also done in terms of location based matching. Hence, players can connect to people around the area and may also give the potential to meet in person. The game also increased its range in looking for qualified candidates to match with.

Lastly, the quality of getting matches has been improved. "Street Fighter 5" improved its connection range settings. This makes the game have more accurate perception on the incoming matches.

It is still a question whether all these improvements will work and if they will be effective as they are projected to be. However, users do not have to wait long since the update is scheduled sometime in the last week of June.

Other than developments in the matchmaking aspect, users will also gain access to a story mode option. A new character will also come into play. New outfits will be available to previous characters. Lastly, level variations in terms of gameplay will be added, Game Spot reported.

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