Splatoon Has the Cruelest Final 'Splatfest' In History: Team Marie Vs. Team Callie Battle It Out In July [VIDEO]

By Erika Miranda , Updated Jul 01, 2016 09:30 AM EDT

Splatoon ends its "Splatfest" by giving its players the most difficult decision of their lives: to become part of Team Callie or Team Marie.

The last hurrah of the most exciting limited-time themed team battle game became one of the most talked about in Splatoon history. Nintendo decided to make the iconic Squid Sisters the face of the opposing teams who will battle it out every weekend this July.

For those who probably live at the end of the Earth and do not know who they are, Marie and Callie are the hosts of the Inkopolis News program as well as the Splatfest itself. Official Splatoon Wikia said that Callie is the Splatoon mascot with a more edgy aura while Marie has more sultry vibes in her personality.

While they are most commonly seen in the Nintendo online game, the Squid sisters are also popular for their amiibo figures and real-life concerts, some of which are now available for viewing over YouTube. Check out one below.

Because of their reputation as the darlings of the Splatoon crowd, Marie and Callie will also be performing during Nintendo's last Splatfest live concert scheduled on July 8, during the Japan Expo in Paris, France. According to Metro, the concert will feature live hologram projections of the Squid sisters what they did with Hatsune Miku in Japan.

Meanwhile, the news about Splatoon's last hurrah is breaking the Internet, with many avid Splatfest gamers already torn and arguing on who to choose between the adorable, talkative Squid Sisters. Check some of their reactions below.

Splatoon is a third-person shooting game from Nintendo which was originally released with only five maps. After being criticized for lack of content, the game developed a festival they called "Splatfest" where two teams of players choose a side based on a trivial question. Since then, Nintendo has officially released a total of 16 maps and rolled out updates to make the game more awesome than ever.

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