Capcom Reveals List Of Rejected Characters For 'Street Fighter 5'; Would You Play Them?

By V Doctor , Updated Jul 01, 2016 09:41 AM EDT

While developing "Street Fighter 5," Capcom had to go through several potential characters and determine which ones get to appear upon launch and thereafter. The company recently provided a list of their rejected characters.

The list of fighters who failed to make it to the actual game includes a fighting politician, a character who kept on shedding clothes due to clumsiness and a fighting literary master.

Players can only speculate how "Street Fighter 5" would have been if some of these unique characters were approved.

Polygon noted that Takayuki Nakayama, director of "Street Fighter 5," named some of the rejected and reworked characters in the fighting game. Some of them already had names, while others were merely described.

One character, called The Teacher, was an early version of Fang. The Soccer Fighter was a Brazilian soccer player that can kick fireballs.

However, he seemed to be too similar to Roberto from the Capcom title "Rival Schools." The Fighting Literary Master was described as a meditative and grumpy old man.

The Fighting President was also scrapped. The abilities of the writer and politician were not revealed.

Another uniquely named character, Clumsy Cutie, never made it to "Street Fighter 5." According to Nakayama, when the female fighter commences combat, her clothes start to rip and shed due to her clumsiness. He thought that the character might be a better fit in a SenranKagura game in the future.

Capcom described a female fighter as a good replacement and disciple of the aging Gen. Miss Babo, a muscular woman, was supposed to be an earlier version of Laura.

There was also a Shadaloo soldier inspired by the Predator movies that did not make the cut.

Initial sketches of the rejected characters were featured on the "Street Fighter 5" website. Gen's disciple and the Shadaloo soldier were particularly already in color, while the others seemed to have been booted earlier in development.

GameSpot stated how Nakayama teased that there were more rejected characters that they will showcase soon. "Street Fighter 5" released in February 2016 with an initial roster of 16 fighters. More characters have been added via DLC.

The two upcoming fighters are Balrog and Ibuko, who will become available on July 1, 2016, together with a new story mode.

Perhaps some of the failed characters can be modified or gain huge fan support to convince the developers to actually allow them in the game.

More updates and details on "Street Fighter 5" are expected soon.

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