'Street Fighter 5' DLC News & Update: Find Out The New Features, Gameplay, Story Mode, Additional Characters And Much More Here!

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 04, 2016 02:35 AM EDT

Capcom already gave a glimpse of the upcoming DLC for "Street Fighter 5" and its much-awaited story mode. The new feature revealed the clash that will connect the World Warriors in contrary to M. Bison's Shadaloo, the new look of Balrog and much more.

The DLC Characters

Balrog will be a playable character in the new DLC of "Street Fighter 5." He, too, stays as one of the most entrusted lieutenants of M. Bison along with Vega and F.A.N.G, according to Christian Today.

V-Trigger, Balrog's signature attack, maintains its strong power that can cause serious damage to his opponents in "Street Fighter 5," as per Capcom's statement on its official website.

Moreover, in "Street Fighter 5" DLC, players will see Ibuki as an experienced character that will showcase her new ninjutsu tricks. Her ninja moves will be a total distraction to her enemies as her attacks will be unpredictable when she starts to move smoothly up in the air.

The Story Mode

The distinctive tales of the DLC characters in "Street Fighter 5" will bring a different kind of experience to the fighting video game's players, Just Push Start noted.

The stories will see the link of "Street Fighter 3" and "Street Fighter 4." It will try to explain how things in the title started and the details of the character interactions.

The "Street Fighter 5" DLC will also feature narration, several episodes and a variety of viewpoints among others.

Additional Pieces

The DLC brings additional pieces in "Street Fighter 5" with two new phases, Balrog's Las Vegas stage and Karin's Kanzuki Family Private Beach stage.

Not only that, the DLC adds new three alternate stages, but the players have to buy for it using Fight Money or the real ones in "Street Fighter 5."

"Street Fighter 5" is also set to have new costumes, which are Premium Battle Costumes for the 20 characters, Karin's Premium Summer Costume and Story Costumes for Balrog and Ibuki.

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