'FIFA 16' Ultimate Team Mode Glitch To Be Fixed With Patch

By Anton Chua , Updated Jul 05, 2016 07:24 AM EDT

Last week, fans of EA Sports's wildly popular FIFA game series uncovered evidence of a glitch that may have been present in the FIFA games since the 2008 installment, "FIFA 09." After acknowledging the existence of the glitch and saying that the problem is under investigation, EA Sports has announced that a patch is currently in the works to address the glitch.

FIFA fans on reddit had gotten together on r/FIFA to discuss and test the glitch, which affects the Ultimate Team mode that has been present in every installment in the series since 2008. The mode allows gamers to purchase real-life football players with real-world currency, and create custom football teams with these players.

For years, gamers have noted that teams composed of highly-rated players have felt noticeably weak and slow to react - a problem that would continue to occur in every FIFA game. Redditors performed tests and discovered that not only was there a glitch in the latest game, but it was reproducible in older iterations as well.

Now, after investigating the matter, EA Sports's Rob Hudson, community manager of FIFA, announced that they indeed discovered that "there appear to be some differences in how fitness and chemistry apply to some FUT items." Hodson went on to say that the developer team is working on a patch that will resolve the issue, to be deployed on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation as soon as possible.

The next game in the franchise, "FIFA 17," is due to be released on September 27. Hodson indicated that EA Sports will be "sharing more about the deeper mechanics of Ultimate Team," a welcome change from the general opaqueness of the system that worked to obfuscate this glitch from the community for seven years, disenfranchising players who've spent thousands of dollars on the game.

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