'Overwatch' News & Updates: Were Some Players Unfairly Penalized In Competitive Play Mode?

By Erika Miranda , Updated Jul 06, 2016 09:10 AM EDT

Some "Overwatch" players are complaining that they have been unfairly punished in the game's Competitive Mode after experiencing lags and disconnection.

A few days after it was rolled out last week, many are now complaining about "Overwatch Competitive Play Mode" after they were allegedly punished wrongfully. A player under the name LeftyChev posted on a Battle.net forum how the game needs to address the issue.

"People are experiencing a disconnect from a game and then quickly reconnecting. Their team wins and they either get a loss in placement matches or they [lose] skill rating," he wrote.

As previously reported, "Overwatch" punishes repeated leavers in Competitive Play Mode in order to discourage players from ditching their matches. The punishments vary from lost XP or suspension from the game should there be an "increased" number of offenses.

Many gamers who play the popular Blizzard Entertainment game pitched in the thread. Some defended the "Overwatch" Competitive Play Mode developers by explaining that they have no way of finding out the real reason why a game. Others expressed their disappointment at the issue and hopes that developers fix it soon.

Fortunately, "Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan reacted immediately and promised that "some fixes" are coming next week. But his one-liner post rings of uncertainty with the word "hopefully" enclosed in parentheses.

According to Forbes, the "Overwatch" Competitive Play mode is an impressive addition to the game considering that it promotes team work skills in the game. This is why the developers strongly discourage players from suddenly leaving their team out of sheer rage in the game.

Of course, like one player said in the Battle.net thread, there is no way to determine why one player left before the match is over. This is why Forbes recommends forming a team only with gamers you know and trust.

"Overwatch" Competitive Play mode is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users. It was launched on June 30, earlier than the expected July rollout.

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