'Justice League' Release Date, News & Update: New Darkseid, Superman Theory Revealed; Who Will Play Steppenwolf?

By Faye Jimenea , Updated Jul 08, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

The hype surrounding the "Justice League" film is very high, as comics and superhero enthusiasts await for its release, which according to rumours will be next year. But, since the production team of "Justice League" has yet to release details regarding the plot of the highly-awaited movie, many fans have created their very own theory as to where or how the "Justice League" movie will play out.

In an effort to find a solid theory, Morning News USA came across a very viable plotline to upcoming "Justice League" movie and it comes from non-other the famous forum site, Reddit. One redditor that goes by the username, CaptainSpud368, he believes that the villain in "Justice League" will be no other than Darkseid himself.

CaptainSpud368 says that "Justice League" film could be "focused on Steppenwolf attempting to resurrect Darkseid through a new body. Which body? Well one that has recently died (sort of) and is extremely powerful - Superman's body."

The redditor connects his theory with that of one scene in the "Batman V Superma" movie, wherein Batman had a vision that planet Earth is already under invasion by the Apokalips army. Plus, Batman was seen in this vision fighting against hordes of army with the "S" patch reminiscent to that of Superman's as well as Parademons.

The theory for the "Justice League" plotline by CaptainSpud368 also delves into a darker path wherein Darkseid possesses the body of Superman. But, there is also one likely theory for the "Justice League" movie that seems in line with Batman's vision in "Batman V Superman" as well, and this includes Supergirl.

In DC's animated movie "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse," Supergirl's was manipulated by Darkseid in the film, so it is possible that the "S" patches on the army in Batman's vision could be caused by Darkseid taking over Supergirl's body. It is also rumored that Charles Dance will play as Steppenwolf. 

Read here for more information about CaptainSpud368 "Justice League" theory. 

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