'Attack On Titan' Game Release Date, News & Update: Game To Have Co-Op Mode; Three Known Missions And Upgraded Gears!

By Faye Jimenea , Updated Jul 08, 2016 10:59 AM EDT

One of the biggest Manga turned anime series "Attack On Titan" is finally coming in video game format. Fans of "Attack On Titan" are very excited to get their hands on the video game. The release date of "Attack On Titan" video game is quite near, announced to be officially available for purchasing on August 30.

Now, more details about the upcoming "Attack On Titan" video game have been released, and this detail is very interesting. According to reports, "Attack On Titan" video game will have a co-op mode wherein several gamers, numbering from two to four can create a group and fight against Titans together.

The co-op mode of "Attack On Titan" video game starts with one player on scout mode, which then he/she will be able to recruit three more players to join on the quests. The interesting part of co-op mode in "Attack On Titan" is the fact that the co-op group has to create their own resources from scratch that includes gears, apparels and many more.

As for the battle missions of the co-op group in "Attack On Titan" video game it is the leader who will choose from the different missions. There are three known missions in the "Attack On Titan" game and these are "The Ruined Town," "Forest of Giant Trees," and the "Stohess District" and it is rumoured that "Stohess District" will be the most difficult one.

Along with the co-op mode is the upgraded gears that players can choose from in "Attack On Titan" video game. The gears are very much needed by the players to bring down Titans and "Attack On Titan" creator suggest that players take missions as they can gather gears from Titans they have defeated.

"Attack On Titan" will be arriving on August 30 on PS4 and Xbob One. 

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