Hideo Kojima Latest Rumors, News & Updates: Kojima's Game 'Death Stranding' Clipped Out; PS4, Xbox One & PC Users Should Not Buy This Game?

By Stella A. , Updated Jul 11, 2016 01:15 AM EDT

Hideo Kojima has been in the gaming arena for many years and he has gained much success for many instances. However, his recent game creation, "Death Stranding" is rumored to take a fall.

For Hideo Kojima, creating something that is unprecedented has always been his image and legacy. The success of "Metal Gear" was a direct example of his gaming skills as a developer.

However, as Hideo Kojima begins a new journey with his new game, "Death Stranding," the speculations surrounding his new game is on the rise. It has spawned a lot of issues and queries regarding his latest game.

According to Highsnobiety, the legacy and feats that Hideo Kojima has achieved are one of a kind. He incorporates action-stealth genre that is able to shift the game to a different aspect and impart cinematic outcomes.

As noted by the same post, Hideo Kojima uses diverse cinematic elements to showcase powerful specs and features along with controls and that is highly expected for "Death Stranding."

A separate post from Game & Guide has also revealed that even though "Death Stranding" is filled with greatness and stunning game play, rumors are still being linked with Hideo Kojima's new game.

According to the post, there are issues with varying platforms such as with PS4 and with other segments as well for Hideo Kojima and his new game, "Death Stranding."

In regards to the specs and features of "Death Stranding" and the modifications that Hideo Kojima has given, there are not that many available for the public to make use of.

It appears that "Death Stranding" is also weirder in terms of its game play and entire setup. Hideo Kojima and its new game are noted to be more psychologically inclined and the challenges are unique and seldom depicted in other gaming segments as well.

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