'The Unworthy Thor' Release Date, News & Update: Marvel Reveals New Comic Series As Jane Foster Becomes Female Thor; Movie In The Making Already?

By Faye Jimenea , Updated Jul 11, 2016 11:11 AM EDT

Hundreds of thousands of fans of Marvel's "Thor" were very much disappointed when news broke out that Thor has been replaced by a female persona. Although fans appreciate the sudden diverse shift of the comic, Thor in the very beginning was always a man.

In the comic, Jane Foster, a mere mortal, became the front runner of "Thor" comics as she proved herself to be wield the powerful Mjolnir, while Thor proved to be the opposite. Despite the shift in the story, with a female Thor, fans still anticipate the popular Marvel comic series.

Now, it seems like there is a new build up. Recent news has blown up about the possibility of the return of Thor himself, the God of Thunder.

There has been a graphic representation of Thor trying to grab Mjolnir, which according to news reports is the cover of the first issue of "The Unworthy Thor", wherein Thor will yield Mjolnir while Jane Foster battles with her cancer. Fans are quite excited to know where the new Thor storyline might go and what the writers want to convey with "The Unworthy Thor."

But, according to writer, Jason Aaron there is no major shift in the story line with the female Thor and that of "The Unworthy Thor." "This was always kind of the plan. These (Jane and Former Thor) characters have been set on very specific paths. It will take them apart sometimes, other times, they will come smashing back together," Jason Aaron said.

As of now ,fans can still read about the female Thor, Jane Foster, and Thor in the Marvel issues. Jason Aaron said on an interview that "The Unworthy Thor" will possibly be available on October.

So, fans of Marvel's "Thor" should wait until then to read about how Thor will wield Mjolnir despite him being deemed unworthy to do so.

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