The 'Dungeons & Dragons' And 'Magic: The Gathering' Second Crossover Is Finally Happening! Details Here

By V Doctor , Updated Jul 13, 2016 06:51 AM EDT

"Dungeons & Dragons" and "Magic: The Gathering" is having a second crossover project, titled "Plane Shift: Innistrad."

During the first crossover between the two games, the objective was to introduce the realm of Zendikar from the trading card game.

The second crossover, "Plane Shift: Innistrad," will feature the gothic horror environment of Innistrad. The free supplement will offer player and Dungeon Masters with vital information for their adventures in "Plane Shift: Innistrad."

Io9 revealed that "Plane Shift: Innistrad" features several themes and creature types as the classic setting Ravenloft. James Wyatt, the writer of the supplement, originally made rules for the Innistrad setting.

Wyatt said that the idea of providing the free downloads came when he was working on an art book for the Zendikar setting. He thought of it as a campaign setting without any rules.

Basically, Wyatt did not intend to change the rules to "D&D" but aimed to have "Plane Shift: Innistrad" players create characters that were native to the worlds, while Dungeon Masters would have the needed resources to run games that suit the environments.

The idea in Plane Shift: Innistrad was to allow players to use "Magic" rules as an interface to interact with the world, or using "D&D" rules as an interface. Playing a role-playing game will be easier if the "D&D" rules are used, according to Wyatt. It is easier to introduce Magic elements to D&D than the other way around, however.

Wyatt explained that working on "Plane Shift: Innistrad" was different from Zendikar, because the former is a human world, while the latter featured more races. There are variant human races in Plane Shift: Innistrad, however.

He focused more on creatures like vampires, zombies, geists and werewolves. A huge portion of the booklet included suggestions to translate "Curse of Strahd" to "Plane Shift: Innistrad."

ScreenRant wrote that "Plane Shift: Innistrad" is a great collaborative effort between the two groups. Current and former players of "Magic" and "D&D" will most likely appreciate how the free supplements allow them to explore both worlds in a dynamic and new way, without the need to purchase several cards and rulebooks for a new setting.

Aside from "Plane Shift: Innistrad," more supplements are expected to arrive to add depth to the games and perhaps help gamers become more familiar with the lores.

"Plane Shift: Innistrad" launched on July 12, 2016. More updates and details are expected soon.

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