'Street Fighter 5' Latest News, Release Date & Update: No More Advantage and Invincibility Bugs

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Jul 15, 2016 07:57 AM EDT

When "Street Fighter 5" was released earlier this year, gamers were excited to get on the action. However, the excitement was cut short when fans began criticizing the game for its bugs and issues that ran throughout the game. In fact, despite the game's four new character additions, there was some serious lack of content going on.

During this year's E3, Capcom's senior product manager Matt Dahlgren sat down with Gamespot to talk about the game and how the company looked to improve it and address the concerns regarding advantage and invincibility bugs. Dahlgren said that in terms of fighting game standards, the team was able to achieve their goals.

However, he admitted that they did encounter problems in their online infrastructure once the game was launched in February. He reassured fans, however, that the team behind "Street Fighter 5" were working hard on addressing the advantage and invincibility bugs, as well as other issues in the game.

Dahlgren added that the company aims to do better with the release of the Cinematic Story mode, which was scheduled to arrive in June, but debuted on July 1 instead. The late arrivals seem to have taught Capcom a lesson on taking their time in creating a product that will live up to the hype.

The "Street Fighter 5" update has now been released thanks to Capcom, and the list of addressed advantage and invincibility bugs are quite lengthy. Gamers would be glad to know that the unfair advantages have now been addressed, as well as the unintended invicibility among several characters.

Aside from the current update, fans should look forward to more game improvements and additional characters coming down the line. Dahlgren said that they have planned "large updates" in terms of introducing newer characters to play with.

"The dev team is working themselves to the bone, they're working as hard as possible. We're moving at a very fast pace," Dahlgren said. "he would obviously want to get content out and in the hands of our fans as soon as possible, but we want to ensure that we retain the integrity and the quality level of the characters that we have released thus far."

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