Borderlands 2's Most Annoying Gun (Check it out Here!)

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Sep 21, 2012 09:55 AM EDT

Borderlands 2 prides itself as having "bazillions" of guns. Lightning spitting pistols, rocket launchers, submachine guns that can set enemies aflame, caustic sniper rifles that eat away at robots, the ist goes on and on. Now, out of that many different possibilities, they're not all bound to be winners. To guarantee that the guns are actually unique, they're often randomly generated, so that no two guns are exactly the same. But there is one gun that is completely unique, and hopelessly annoying.

It's the Energizing Bane by Hyperion, which can be received after completing the quest "The Bane." On the surface, it's actually a pretty decent gun as far as stats go. But once you fire the gun, you'll realize the reason for it's namesake.

That's not an editing trick, that's the actual sound the gun makes. Every time you fire or reload. While the stats of the gun are impressive, provided you can tolerate the noise, the gun also has the pleasure of killing your sprint, making you lumber about whenever you wield this ear destroyer of a weapon. The sounds come courtesy of Ashley Burch, voice actress for Tiny Tina, and younger sister of Borderlands 2's lead writer, Anthony Burch.

Now, by allowing his younger sister to provide such audio punishment, maybe Anthony is trying to prove the nuisance that little sisters can be, but since the stats of the gun are so high, that like the gun, maybe our siblings aren't so bad after all.

Maybe I'm reading into things, but all I know is this: that gun sounds really friggin' annoying. 

Borderlands 2 is out now for PC, PS3, and XBox 360.

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