'Pokemon Go' Tips, Cheats & Tricks: Learn How To Play 'Pokemon GO' While Driving

By Daniel Flores , Updated Jul 26, 2016 08:35 AM EDT

"Pokemon GO" is a game application that lets a player experience Virtual Reality, which sends players to real world locations to catch pokemons in their local city. As more people are walking in the streets or running around, some prefer to drive around the city that mainly causes car accidents and fatalities.

So, for the love of safety and counter measures, we will provide some quick guides and tips to follow when playing the "Pokemon GO" game.

'Pokemon GO' Rules & Safety Tips

1. First of all, don't drive and play. Driving requires your full attention on the road, but "Pokemon GO" also requires your full attention when playing it. So, for everyone's safety, do not multitask in every way when playing "Pokemon GO."

Playing the game while driving is just like driving while you are drunk. If playing "Pokemon GO" while driving, park the car and  just walk around to catch that pokemon.

2. Second, "Pokemon GO" provides a map that lets players know the next destination and where pokemons, pokestops and gyms are located. If playing "Pokemon GO" when in the car, plan your next move before going to the sight or write it down and park the car on a legal parking space.

To play "Pokemon GO," the players phone must be running to locate a pokemon and that can deplete the phone's battery life easily, but most cars today are equipped with power outlets and players who drive has a bigger advantage.

3. Third, when driving, plan the next move and put the phone on silent mode to avoid distraction while driving on the road. This can help players stay safe and saves battery life while charging your phone on the car.

Other 'Pokemon GO' guides & tips

One particular thing in "Pokemon GO" is hatching an egg that requires players to walk a number of kilometers (2km, 5km, and 10km). Some players use shortcuts to hatch eggs while some uses it at the comfort of their homes -- but is not working.

Quora has shared that the "Pokemon GO" speed limit for hatching eggs is 20 KPH, which is a sure speed in running or walking.

"Pokemon GO" is an interactive game. So, for anyone who wishes to play "Pokemon GO," be safe always and abide all laws at all times. For more guides and tips in playing "Pokemon GO," stay tuned to GamenGuide!

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