'Pokémon Go' News & Update: New Big Updates This Holiday Season; People Vs. People Battle Mode

'Pokémon Go' News & Update: New Big Updates This Holiday Season; People Vs. People Battle Mode

Mobile smash hit "Pokémon GO" has seen several updates large and small since its July launch, but it seems that “Niantic Labs” is queuing up for the biggest one yet. The developer has a big announcement coming Monday, December 12.

by Ralphy Bonn Sim

'Pokemon Go' Latest News: Save Up Candies To Evolve Generation 1 Pokemons Into Generation 2 Pokemons Rather Than Catching One

'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Save Up Candies To Evolve Generation 1 Pokemons Into Generation 2 Pokemons Rather Than Catching One

"Pokemon Go" can need to save up for candies that they get from capturing and sending Pokemons to Professor Willow. Doing this will make evolution easier for Generation 2 Pokemon.

by Switchy Sam


‘Pokemon GO’ Release Date, News & Update: What You Don’t Want To Miss At Starbucks Before Dec. 8 [Today] Ends? More Spawns Coming

“Pokemon GO” rumors of a Starbucks event that may release new Pokemon in the wild making Poke Stops at the cafe may in fact be true. On the other hand, Niantic recently announced a new event that will roll out more Dewgong and Snorlax, among others.

by Mia P.


'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Multiple Transfers, Improved Battle Scene Interface And Many More For Version 0.49.1 Android And 1.19.1 iOS

"Pokemon Go" latest update inclueds bulk transfer and UI improvements for Pokémon GO 0.49.1 for Android and 1.19.1 for iOS.

by Jason Glenn

Pokemon Go Launches In Japan

'Pokemon Go ' Latest News, Tips, Cheats, Updates: Top 10 Pokemon To Collect Before Gen 2 Is Released

Here's a complete list of Pokemon to collect before "Pokemon Go" releases its Gen 2 update (Plus a guide on how to evolve each creature).

by Staff Reporter

How to Find Rare Pokemon | Rural Areas | Pokemon Go | Ingress

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: An Alternate Solution For The Nearby Tracker Released By Niantic For Player's In The Rural Area

"Pokemon Go" players in the rural areas will now have an alternative solutions for the latest nearby trackers.

by Jason Glenn

Pokemon GO GENERATION 2 - SAVE THESE CANDIES NOW!!! (New Pokemon Gen 2)

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Generation 2 Will Arrive This December 7? Leaked Regional Exclusive Pokemon Here!

"Pokemon GO" Generation 2 is rumored to arrive this coming December 7.

by Jason Glenn

Pokémon GO - Get Up and Go Trailer

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Naintic Has Released A Temporary Fix For Delayed And Loading Issues

Niantic has released a temporary fix to its latency issues for "Pokemon Go".

by Jason Glenn

Pokemon GO Fans Converge At Sydney Opera House

‘Pokémon Go’ News & Update: Christmas Event This Dec. 20; Arrival Of Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos And Moltres

Pokémon Go players will discover that training at gyms will take a lot less time than it has in recent weeks, thanks to an update developer Niantic quietly released over the weekend.

by Ralphy Bonn Sim

Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: 8th Nest Migration Is Now Happening; Here Are The New Nest Locations

"Pokemon Go" latest nest migration is finally here.

by Jason Glenn

How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Go

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Still Don't Have A Ditto? An Effective New Tracking App Has Been Discovered; Here Is How You Can Use It

A new tracking app has been discovered to find and locate a Ditto specifically in "Pokemon Go".

by Jason Glenn

 'Pokemon Go' Christmas Update Release Date Details and News

'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Complete Guide To Nearby Feature: How To Use It; Missing Legendary Birds and Mewtwo In Pokemon Go Gen 2?

"Pokemon Go" Nearby feature brings changes on the gameplay, making the game time more effective. Initially leaked in August, the nearby feature is very easy to use.

by Henry

NEW NEARBY TRACKER IN POKEMON GO! - How it Works + Video in Action

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: New Tracking System Upsets Players From The Rural Areas; Will Niantic Address The Issue?

"Pokemon Go" gives major set backs to players from the rural areas on their latest near by tracker.

by Jason Glenn

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