'Overwatch' Latest News & Update: New Character Ana Can Keep Enemies on the Bench Through Triple-Threat Technique [VIDEO]

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Jul 26, 2016 09:00 AM EDT

Blizzard Entertainment's first-person shooter game, "Overwatch" recently welcomed a new character to its roster in a patch released for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Support sniper Ana Amari is the game's 22nd character who is also mother to Pharah. Her abilities include healing her teammates and preventing enemies from healing. She's equipped with a sleep dart that, when used on opponents, make them unable to function for a period of time. For her teammates, she has a Nano Boost that supercharges them for a limited amount of time.

According to Gamerant, "Overwatch"'s new character Ana can actually put her enemies on the bench for as long as the match is ongoing once she uses her tranquilizer. All players have to do is use at least three iterations of Ana avatars and surround their enemy with them.

Once the target is surrounded, all the player has to do is shoot them with the sleep dart at the same time, so that the enemies would become inactive for a long period of time. These characters who become in active or "AFK" for extended periods of time would then be kicked out of the game.

In a video titled "3x Ana Permasleep," YouTube user Youmuus explained how this works. However, gamers cannot use this Ana triple-threat technique in "Overwatch"'s Competitive Play mode, which has now limited a player's ability to generate several iterations of the same character in one match, and enabling more diversity in the team.

According to Youmuus, players can still escape Ana's sleep magic by being more vigilant when it comes to engaging with the new character. Retreat or retaliation is also key, and it all boils down to a gamer's technique and skill. Moreover, other characters from the enemy's side may be on watch, so it's not an easy task to get all three Ana's to work their magic at the same time. Doesn't mean fans can't try it, though. Check out the Ana triple-threat technique video below.

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