‘Street Fighter V’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Capcom Added Juri to the Roster of Fighters; New DLC is Coming on July 26 [VIDEO]

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Jul 26, 2016 09:20 AM EDT

"Street Fighter V" is going to have a new character and gamers can pick her as an option for the fights starting on July 26. It was reported that the latest DLC for the additional character would be released on PC and PS4 via Steam.

Capcom is bringing Juri to the roster of "Street Fighter V" fighters and this was announced during the San Diego Comic Con on July 21. Gamers who will download the new character will also get brand-new battle costumes which will come as a bundle.

Many fans of the game will recognize Juri as she already appeared in the game's 2010 franchise version. Her special skills are teleportation and her trademark moves consisting of the fireball and powerful pinwheel kicks.

In one news release posted on Street Fighter page, Juri was also described as, "A trained expert in Taekwondo, Juri also possesses a ki booster called the Feng Shui Engine equipped in her left eye to aid her during battles."

With her inclusion in "Street Fighter V," Juri will be the fifth fighter to join the new characters line-up which include fellow fighters namely Guile, Ibuki, Balrog and Alex. It was reported that there is one more DLC character that is set to be released by Capcom. His name is Urien and he originally appeared in "Street Fighter 3."

Meanwhile, Capcom also disclosed during the 2016 SDCC event, that on the same day of Juri's launch, new summer premium costumes for three other "Street Fighter V" characters - Laura, Cammy White and Ibuki - are set to be unveiled as well. The summer outfits will retail at $3.99 in the United States and £3.29 in United Kingdom. It should be noted that the prices are fixed, with or without the season pass.

Get a glimpse of "Street Fighter V" Juri's powerful moves in this latest trailer from Playstation: 

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