'No Man's Sky' News & Updates: Unexpected Twist Hidden By Hello Games; Sean Murray's Game Offers 360 Degree Views?

By Stella A. , Updated Aug 01, 2016 11:19 AM EDT

The latest updates regarding "No Man's Sky" has unveiled some surprising data regarding the specs and features of the upcoming game. Also, rumors of twisted elements unveiled are on the rise along with the notion of the game showcasing a stunning 360-degree modification.

It remains uncertain on whether "No Man's Sky" would fire out of control upon its release or it would be another game that has joined the ranks of those that dominated the gaming sector for such a time. According to Gamespot, there are so many things that gamers could expect when "No Man's Sky" is released in the market. For one, the overall game play is speculated to bring about unprecedented consequences for the players.

Whether the outcomes are good or bad, it is still one of the things that gamers could expect when the "No Man's Sky" game is out. It has also implied that drastic and terraforming or wiping out entire species are expected to occur in the game, according to the same post.

Moreover, in a former post from Game & Guide, it was also presumed that a cancellation for the release is underway for "No Man's Sky" but since there has been no confirmations from Hello Games and Sean Murray, the hearsays are debunked. Also, the "No Man's Sky" game is speculated to bring about new designs, concepts and modifications that would surprise the gamers. It is also expected that despite the complexity of the game, it would still be playable with ease.

"No Man's Sky" is expected to come out on Aug. 9 in the United States, while Aug. 10 is the presumed date for Europe and Aug. 12 in the United Kingdom for the PS4 platforms. As for the other platforms such as the PC segment, it is still indefinite as to when it would be released on those segments.

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