'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Where To Find Electabuzz, Dratini, Lapras & Other Hard To Find Creatures

By Lady Arianne Apilado Zamora , Updated Aug 03, 2016 09:49 AM EDT

Ever since "Pokemon Go" became readily available, players have been very preoccupied in the quest of catching them all, and the game developers have also been very busy in providing updates and taking care of complaints and feedback from the players.  Online forums have also been buzzing with hundreds of questions pertaining to how to maximize game play of "Pokemon Go."

One of the most common questions asked by "Pokemon Go" players is "Where can I find the rare Pokemon?" and players all over the world, well, in countries that have "Pokemon Go," are sharing their tips and tricks to help their fellow "Pokemon Go" players.  According to Heavy.com, some of the hard to catch Pokemon creatures include Lapras, Dratini and Electabuzz.

Searching for Pokemon in the nearby area or in one's neighborhood is no easy task.  Sure, it is fun at first, sometimes a good cardio exercise can be attributed to the new quest for Pokemon, but things get tiring in the long run and "Pokemon Go"  players reach the point of turning to the online community to ask for help.

One of the most sensible trick in the quest for completing the list of creatures in "Pokemon Go" is to make a list of all the creatures.  With that in perspective, the player can then have an overall impression of the depth of the quest he or she has to go through.  Some players in online forums have suggested that a Pokemon who seems to be very rare and fleeting in one area may be very easy to find in another area.

For short, "Pokemon Go" players might need to keep moving, and this means not only in their familiar area.  In the quest for capturing Dratini, Lapras and Electabuzz, "Pokemon Go" players may have to apply the tips and tricks shared by fellow players such as going to "habitats" of the Pokemon creature.  For example, Dratini and Lapras have been caught mostly in or near bodies of water.  

PokemonTrading.com also shared that Electabuzz have been captured in wide-spaced public areas like parks, golf courses, lakes and gardens. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Pokemon Go" cheats, tips and tricks!

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