'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Update: This Gamer Has Reached The Center Of Galaxy; So What's In It?

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 04, 2016 09:06 AM EDT

Reddit user Daymeeuhn has been enjoying a lot of attention lately for claiming to have acquired a copy of "No Man's Sky" much earlier than its supposed Aug. 9, 2016 release date. After providing alleged livestreams of "No Man's Sky," the gamer claimed to have reached the center of the in-game galaxy.

Daymeeuhn previously shared that he spent over $1,300 to get an early copy of "No Man's Sky" and has been showing several spoilers and gameplay clips in the past few days. Now, he claims to have already beaten the massive open-world game by reaching the center of its galaxy, which reportedly took him about 30 hours. Daymeeuhn wrote that he did a lot of what "No Man's Sky" has to offer and intentionally spent off from warp jumping to move to the middle and explore planets to break up its monotony. He admitted that he has not done all the major events yet.

Polygon revealed that Daymeeuhn found an in-game item which he bought at a high price in the "No Man's Sky" galactic market. He sold the item and spent the cash for upgrades that significantly boost his means of travel and exploration. The Reddit user explained how he managed to acquire the same item in "No Man's Sky" again and again to purchase upgrades. The approach was not a hack, but only a way to save time in getting to the center of the galaxy in "No Man's Sky."

Tech Times stated that the Reddit user, however, decided not to share what he found at the center of the "No Man's Sky" galaxy, saying that it would be better if he kept it unspoiled. He also said that Hello Games should offer a patch upon launch date to reduce the sale cost of the item as well as fix a number of bugs.

So far, Daymeeuhn's continuous revelations about "No Man's Sky" has somewhat diminished anticipation among fans. Many "No Man's Sky" players were previously looking forward to a massive environment where they could explore countless worlds and enjoy hundreds of hours of gameplay to reach the center of the galaxy.

"No Man's Sky" is set to be released on August 9, 2016. More updates and details are expected soon.

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