'GTA 5' News & Update: Players Can Create Own Race Tracks, Join Team-Based Entourage Adversary Mode

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Aug 04, 2016 08:48 AM EDT

A recent "GTA 5" update makes the amps the level of the already exciting game. Now, players can even create their own race tracks and participate in an online team event known as the Entourage.

The new "GTA 5" update introduced by Rockstar Games introduced a new Entourage Adversary Mode. The new mode allows players of the online version of "GTA 5," the GTA Online, to form team and try to outmaneuver each other in completing the assigned goals.

The two opposing teams are either classified as bodyguards or the assassins, reports GameSpot. As bodyguards, the team needs to protect a VIP, also known as the target, long enough for him or her to reach a designated extraction point.

The new "GTA 5" Entourage Adversary mode is even made more challenging because defenders would require coordination with the VIP since only the VIP is aware of the extraction point's location. In addition, only the target knows where the assassins are located, via radar.

On the other hand, the assassin team will only have one goal in mind - to kill the target before it reaches the extraction point.

The Stunt Race mode that Rockstar introduced to "GTA 5" last July just got better. In the recent weeks, Rockstar added numerous race tracks that may be used in the Stunt Race mode. In fact, there are now a total of 27 race tracks to choose from at the moment.

But wait; the Stunt Race mode of "GTA 5" just got even better. While 27 race tracks definitely offer the luxury of choice, the number of available tracks will soon rise exponentially.

This is made possible by introduction of Stunt Race Creator in the new "GTA 5" update. Players can now race the in whatever dream perfect race track they could imagine because they can now customize the tracks themselves with the new feature.

"GTA 5" is available across multiple platforms like PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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